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Product Info + Pricing



Made locally in Minnesota from rescued fabric scraps, each meditation cushion is truly one-of-a-kind. Each cushion has a unique combination of rescued fabrics, shades, and geometry. No two will ever be exactly alike. Our signature range of inviting colors, including naturally dyed shades, is what really makes our cushions stand out from the rest.

Interior lining is filled with buckwheat hulls sourced from North Dakota. Cushion shell can be removed for gentle hand-washing. Side handle makes carrying easy.

Regular Colors WS Price: $69

Regular Colors Retail Price: $138

Naturally-Dyed Colors WS Price: $74

Naturally-Dyed Colors Retail Price: $148


- 3 units (no color minimum, can mix + match with our new Luna Cushions!)

- 12 units for custom colors


luna cushion zero-waste sustainable meditation pillow zafu eco-friendly ethel studio
luna cushion pillow sustainable meditation mindfulness zafu floor sky blue


NEW! Luna’s half-moon shape allows for multiple ways to sit comfortably during meditation, for use in restorative yoga postures and floor stretching, or however you please!

Buckwheat hull filling provides solid, yet malleable support to allow for proper spinal alignment. Add or subtract filling to create your level of comfort.

Short handle and long strap provide multiple ways to carry the cushion around your home or on the go.

Interior lining is filled with replaceable and compostable buckwheat hulls. Outer shell can be unzipped and removed for hand-washing.

17” x 11” x 5.5”

WS Price: $72

Retail Price: $144

Minimum: 3 cushions (can mix + match colors and mix with the original meditation cushion.) 



Sleep better, sleep deeper by blocking out light pollution with our zero-waste sleep mask! 

Made from fabrics rescued from the fashion industry that would have otherwise gone to waste. Plastic-fee, adjustable straps are made from un-dyed cotton scraps instead of elastic (which is plastic!) and allow you to adjust to fit without clinging too tight (and messing up your hair). 

Super lightweight + reversible. Lots of coverage to block out light. Metal sliders have a rose-gold finish. 

Perfect for naps, restful night sleeps, breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga, travel, and any inner journey ....

WS Price: $18.50 each

Retail Price: $37 each

Minimum: Try just 3 to start (you’ll probably want more! Can mix + match colors.)



Find some restorative rest while enjoying the calming aroma of lavender flowers. Perfect for covering eyes during restorative yoga, relaxation while laying down, and for a good old fashioned nap.

Made in Minnesota from 100% rescued fabrics. Filled with organic flax seeds + organic dried lavender flowers*.

Outer shell can be removed for hand washing.

Comes in recycled paper sleeve packaging. 4”x 9” Approx. 0.5 lbs.

WS Price: $17

Retail Price: $34

Minimum: 6 units (Can mix + match colors)

* Also available in unscented. 



Our zero-waste weighted Relief Pillows combine colorful patchwork with a comforting malleable structure to help form around your body where you need grounding and relief. Add artfulness to your healing process!

Heat your pillow in the microwave to add warmth, or place your pillow in the refrigerator or freezer for a cooling effect. Each pillow has it’s own unique combination of fabrics and geometry. Filled with organic rice. The Relief Pillow can be used for anxious tummies, tired muscles, as a prop for restorative yoga, and more! 

7” x 13.5” //. Approx. 3 lbs

WS Price: $25
Retail Price: $50

Minimum: 3 units (can mix + match colors) 

* Our relief pillow colors are more limited edition than our other products due to the nature of them being made from an exciting mix of found scraps. Your flexibility with color is much appreciated!

 ethel studio wholesale pricing

Here is a PDF of our pricing for easy viewing + ordering. 

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