Ethel Studio
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we create products from rescued and responsible materials to inspire humans to seek sustainability + empowerment

design with a purpose


//  rescuing fabric

With the goal of eliminating textile waste, we start by rescuing fabrics from fashion company offices and production facilities as well as from damaged garments which would have otherwise gone to landfill. Compared to the massive global textile waste problem, the amount of textiles we are diverting from landfill is small, but we passionately strive to prove that designers of any size can and should be a vital part of the circular economy where no materials are wasted.


//  Slow making

Making things by hand takes time, and we are okay with it. We slowly transform textile scraps into products in our zero-waste process, and as a result we are capturing the highest possible value of the raw material. By being zero-waste, we are preventing even more materials from heading to our endlessly-growing landfills or endlessly-burning incinerators. 



 // GIving back

We believe in giving back. By donating a portion of our profits to partner organizations, we are taking one more step towards making the world a more equitable, less wasteful, healthy, and happier place for ours and future generations.