Wholesale Policies

Welcome to the Ethel Studio family! We love working with wholesale clients to help spread our mission of reducing textile waste and improving personal well-being through our tools for rest and transformation! Please note the below policies so that we can all be on the same page and contribute to each other’s success. Always feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions at all via email info@ethelstudio.com or call Maggie at 507.479.2619.

Orders + Payments

After we approve your wholesale application and you have viewed our pricing and in-stock colors, next let us know what you’d like to order by emailing us or calling us at 507.479.2619 with your order. We will then send along an invoice and give an estimated ship date. We ship out most orders in 2 business days, but it can take up to a week to be ready during busy seasons. For first time and new customers we ask for payment before we ship out your order. Payment can be made via your invoice with a credit card or bank transfer. We also can accept a check in the mail sent to our address. Once we receive the payment, we can ship your order to you! For your second order, we can start doing Net 15 or other terms with a down payment - we can chat!


Wholesale customers are responsible for paying shipping fees. We always work to find the most economical shipping method for you. If you have a preferred shipping carrier or wish to use your own account with a carrier, please note that on your application or let us know.

Pricing Policies

We strongly suggest following our retail prices. If selling online, we request that you follow our retail prices unless we agree to a situation otherwise. You are welcome to price the products higher than our retail prices, but not lower than the retail prices found on our website. If you wish to discount our products, please do so only in your shop in person, and not online. Our company values include not discounting our products greatly in order to maintain brand integrity, sustainability, and to be able to pay our U.S. labor base a living wage. Yet we also understand that sometimes running a sale can be a necessary business decision, so we do understand if/when you take this route. 

Product Info

All product info and language can we found on our website in the respective product pages: you are welcome and encouraged to use this text. We’re really purposeful and transparent about where/how our products are made, and relaying this info to your customers is important so they can understand the value and purpose of our products - it helps them fall in love with them even more! Please know that this is our intellectual property you are borrowing as a part of our partnership. We ask that you please attribute the product to Ethel Studio somewhere on the product page.


You’re welcome to use product photography from our website for the purpose of selling our products only. Please only use product photography from the particular products and colorways of which you have in stock only. It’s difficult to have our retailers selling products they don’t have in stock, as our own stock can vary greatly from day to day. We can’t always ensure that a certain color will be available.

For social media photography, please always credit the photo to us @ethelstudio as well as any relevant photographer’s handle. We love re-posting our clients’ posts when they tag us to help spread the word about their studio/shop/space!


We’d love your feedback! We’re in this together, so feel free to let us know if you’re getting customer feedback about our products (good,bad, and in between). We want to hear from you! If you ever have a color that just isn’t selling, let us know, and we can work with you to swap it out for another in-stock color free of charge.


A big THANK YOU from our team to yours! We look forward to an abundant and long-lasting partnership!