Custom Designs

a custom meditation cushion made from a pair of faded denim jeans

We are delighted to make a custom creation for you! If you have sentimental or meaningful fabrics that you'd like to be made into a meditation cushion, Relief Pillow, or the like, we'd be honored to do so. 

Clients come to us to have a passed loved one's clothes made into a design or to commemorate a lost pet. If you don't have fabrics of your own, we can often source rescued fabrics for you. 

The design of the item itself has to be one of our designs we have on our line (meditation cushion, Relief Pillow, eye pillow, Luna Cushion, sleep mask, etc.) We currently do not have the capacity to design a whole new style for you.  

The timeline for your custom design can vary from 4-6 weeks, but around the winter holidays, timelines can stretch up to 8 weeks, so please plan accordingly if there's a deadline you need for us to meet. Custom fees can vary around 10-20% of the retail price of the design. 

The first step is for us to have a conversation about what you'd like. Please email us at to get started.