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// about us

ETHEL STUDIO creates products from rescued and responsible materials to inspire sustainability + well-being.

Founder Maggie Dimmick worked as a textile designer in the New York fashion industry but became overwhelmed with the amount of textile waste the industry produces every year. She witnessed first-hand during factory visits the insane amount of fabric cut away during the garment production process destined for landfill or incineration. She couldn’t keep adding to the problem, so she chose to devote her life to using only rescued fabrics in her designs and inspire others to do the same. At the same time, she didn't want to continue creating products without longevity or purpose, so she looked to her meditation practice for inspiration. After a ton of soul-searching and then lots of prototyping, Ethel Studio was born! 

We rescue fabrics from fashion company offices and production facilities and then slowly transform them into products in our zero-waste process. Our positive impact is small relative to the massive global textile waste problem, but we passionately strive to prove that artists and designers of any size can and should be a vital part of the circular economy where no materials are wasted.

// our founder


Maggie Dimmick is an artist and textile designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She earned a B.S. in Apparel Design from Cornell University, after which she worked in textile design & research and color management for New York fashion brands including Eileen Fisher and Elie Tahari. She is passionate about eliminating global textile waste and promoting positive well-being through purposeful art and design. She has a serious fabric scrap obsession and is convinced that patchwork will be the new plaid. She is equally passionate about inspiring others to incorporate textile waste-eliminating measures in their designs as well.

Photo by  Camille Lizama