Serita Colette


Serita Colette, a Twin Cities-based educator in sustainable healing practices, was born during the monsoon in Kerala, India and raised to be an intersectional feminist and performance artist by her mother and auntie. We had the privilege to sit down with her to hear what her daily meditation practice looks like and how these practices have changed her life. We dive into topics of healing justice, ableism, the power of rest, and how the wellness movement is not serving the well-being of everyone.

”People really forsake the power of rest. It doesn’t sound very cool. It sounds like a waste of time. No one has time to rest. But your body will let you know if that’s the case, that you are making that argument. Your mind will let you know, and your nervous system, your tissues, your muscles, your bones, everything, your spirit, your heart center will let you know that this is not where you need to be.”

“[In rest] your mind is not swirling around, who am I, where do I need to be, what do I need to do, but actually just nothing. Having nothingness is vital…. And that takes practice. “

“Making space to heal is a human right. And it is one that is not available to all of us right now.”

“I’m not seeing people in this work who look like me, and that is a problem.“

“The misconception is that meditation is meant to bring peace but it’s actually meant to bring higher awakening. In order for us to be awake we have to see sometimes the mirror of the things that we don’t want to see.”

“What does self-care mean that only those with power and privilege are able to take care of themselves? What about everyone else? “

“Namaste is a way to acknowledge someone’s humanity, a way to ground into gratitude, a way to see somebody, but now you have shirts that say ‘namaste bitches’ and it’s kind of a joke.“

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Below are topics mentioned in the video:

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare. “

-- Audre Lorde

Filmed at Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, MN on occupied Dakota and Ojibwe land.

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