Lucia Yess


Lucia Yess is a nature-loving yoga teacher, mom, and community-builder. After traveling the globe learning about the art of yoga, she was called to open Yess Yoga in Minneapolis where she takes an intuitive mind-body-soul approach to teaching yoga. It was an honor to sit down with Lucia and talk about her evening meditation practice (once the kids are in bed), ritual and routine, how she deals with self-doubt, and how becoming a parent has evolved her practice. 

Something I think about while I’m in meditation is what is this for me instead of to me, and that change in perspective has really helped me go through those seasons of hardships or doubt or grieving without feeling like I’m so submerged in mud. Rather oh, this is for me, and what gold is in this hardship?

For me, I’ve had to meditate more around how do I parent, how do I want to parent, so [meditation] has increased in practice, but it doesn’t look like maybe I’ve always wanted it to look. 

Meditation is my place where I get to be creative... it’s my time when I’m in quietness for reflection and for tapping into that creative passion. 

When sitting with hardships or discomforts and framing an intention in meditation long enough, your mind really does shift the doubt, or the shame, or the guilt, or the fear to the affirmative: to the joy, to the bliss, to the love, to the contentment.

Meditation is so impactful because you can actually rewire yourself to feel and truly believe and have a different feeling about yourself and thus the world. 


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Yess Yoga’s teacher training in the Fall 2019 

Filmed at Yess Yoga in Minneapolis, MN by Maggie Dimmick, founder of Ethel Studio. Thanks for excusing her amateur video editing skills :)