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Mindful mending

Oct. 26, 2019 11am-2pm

Tare Market 2717 E. 38th Street, Minneapolis, MN

This workshop is perfect if you’re wanting to repair that expanding hole in your favorite sweater or patch up some wear and tear areas of your favorite jean jacket in a thoughtful way. We can even address tired pieces that could use some stitching embellishment to bring new interest. Techniques taught in this class include both visible and invisible mending in the form of stitching, embroidery, and patchwork. 

Bring some of your dear clothes you’d like to learn to mend. We will supply threads and fabrics for patchwork + practice.  All levels welcome.

Instructor Bio: Maggie Dimmick is the owner of Minneapolis-based Ethel Studio. With the goal of eliminating textile waste, Ethel Studio rescues fabrics from fashion company offices and production facilities as well as from damaged garments which would have otherwise gone to landfill or incinerators. Compared to the massive global textile waste problem, the amount of textiles we’re diverting from landfill is small, but Ethel Studio passionately strives to prove that designers of any size can and should be a vital part of the circular economy where no materials are wasted. 

Cost of admission is $40 and must be purchased in advance.