The 2022 Astrological Gift Guide

The 2022 Astrological Holiday Gift Guide

If you’re looking for holiday gifting inspiration for those on your list this year, shop by sun sign! We’ve got the perfect zero-waste Ethel Studio design for each zodiac sign (based on one's birthdate) to help you get started. From meditation cushions to bandanas to lavender eye pillows, we’ve got your Earth-friendly, wellness-supporting shopping covered….


March 21–April 19

ceremony cone incense palo santo

The fiery Aries in your life needs something to burn to help them come back to center. Try the Ceremony Cones incense handcrafted by Bathing Yoga in Minneapolis from the high quality ethical palo santo and intentional materials.



April 20–May 20

Relief Pillow heating pad in skyview blue

Homebody Taurus is looking for comfort and beauty. The artful Relief Pillow in Skyview will keep them cozy and grounded all year long.



May 21–June 21

reversible zero-waste plastic-free sleep mask

The talkative Gemini in your life needs options. Luckily they don’t need to commit to any one color with the reversible Zero-Waste Sleep Mask with many color combos to choose from. We have a generous return/exchange policy if they still can’t make up their mind. 



June 22–July 22

weighted lavender organic eye pillow in lilac purple

For the sensitive Cancer in your life, the Weighted Lavender Eye Pillow in Lilac will help them to rest and recharge at home after a long day of caring for others.



July 23–August 22

yellow zero-waste patchwork bandana scarf

Showstoppers wear scarves. Your Leo will shine with the pop of color of our Zero-Waste Bandana in Saffron linen.



August 23–September 22

Luna Cushion in cloud grey linen - zafu meditation cushion

For the detail-oriented Virgo in your life, the Luna Cushion in classic gray Cloud is a rational choice for the daily meditation routine they never miss. They’ll love all the functional aspects and options the Luna offers.



September 23–October 23

meditation cushion desert naturally-dyed hand-dyed

Aesthetics are a priority for Libra, and they are sure to appreciate the original Meditation Cushion in Desert for their self-care practices. It is hand-dyed with natural dyes, bringing out the multifaceted beauty of colors from the earth.



October 24–November 21

black cotton gauze scarf zero-waste

For dark nights and deep thoughts, Scorpio needs this cozy Black Cotton Gauze Scarf made from the softest of pieced together fabric scraps. 



November 22–December 21

Zero-Waste Caftan Dress in orange

For the jet-set Sagittarius, being clothed in an elegant Zero-Waste Caftan Dress in Mustard linen for their worldly travels is a must. 



December 22–January 19

relief pillow heating pad in foliage green

For the rational Capricorn on your list, they’ll need the grounding effects of the Relief Pillow in earthy Foliage to rest after a success-driven day of work. It’s the pragmatic choice.  



January 20–February 18

luna meditation cushion zafu in sky blue

For the unconventional Aquarius, the Luna Cushion in Sky offers an innovative shape for them to use in infinite ways as they access collective consciousness. 



February 19–March 20

Organic calming loose leaf tea with chamomile, lemon balm, scullcap, passionflower herbs

For the intuitive Pisces on your list, they’ll need some Organic Calming Tea to unwind and hydrate after a day of big watery feels.