Team Member Feature: Jannat Day

jannat day minneapolis minnesota


Here at Ethel Studio, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our incredible studio assistant, Jannat.

Jannat assists with nearly every step of the production process and is an integral part of the company. She truly embodies everything Ethel Studio stands for!

Here’s what Jannat had to say about working with Ethel Studio:

I have a huge passion for living mindfully and reducing the negative environmental impact we have on this planet, so I really resonated with Ethel Studio’s mission. I was so excited to finally find a position in a business that perfectly aligns with my values and interests!

Every product is planned and developed with love and care. There is intentionality in every step of the process, from fabric choice to production. Every piece of fabric waste that we repurpose into our products is used to its full potential and the majority of leftover scraps are recycled or passed along to be used for creative projects. 

I love seeing the finished product come to life. When the final seam line is sewn, the label stitched on, and the end product ready to bring light and love to someone’s home. I also admire how Maggie is so involved in every aspect of the business. Thanks to her, I’ve gained a whole new level of respect for small business owners. She’s amazing!

I’m proud to be a part of a business that takes steps to better the environment and provide meaningful products for self care!

Jannat’s Product Pick

My favorite product is the relief pillow. I love that I can easily heat it in the microwave and use it when I have cramps and during cold winter days, it’s a must-have!

You can find Jannat on Instagram @jannatday for occasional pictures of her handsome cat and a bit of her personal artwork!

We’re so lucky to have Jannat on our team!