Meet the NEW Luna Cushion

Meet the NEW Luna Cushion

These beautiful, half-moon-shaped cushions are the perfect addition to your meditation and yoga practice as they provide support for seated meditation or variety of asanas. Like all of our products, the Luna Cushion is made from reclaimed pre-consumer textile waste that would otherwise be cast off as waste from the textile industry and go into an incinerator or landfill. We bring careful intention into our design process, and this design was no exception: it took over two years of prototyping and testing (along with some pandemic-related delays). After many iterations, the Luna Cushion was born! It’s a versatile, sustainable way to deepen your connection to your true self, and the perfect way to set an intention for your mindfulness practice in your home or anywhere.


The idea for the shape came to me (while meditating of course), when I noticed how I sit on the very edge of my meditation cushion. “Why do I need the entire back end of the cushion? I could just chop it off and keep the essentials!” I thought to myself. I took that idea and ran with it.

The Luna Cushion has endless ways to sit on, lay on, stretch with…. from restorative yoga postures, to propping up a nursing baby, to stretching out a tight back, the Luna Cushion can be an essential part of your care team in so many ways.

The Luna Cushion has endless ways to sit on, lay on, stretch with…. from restorative yoga postures, to propping up a nursing baby, to stretching out a tight back, 

We designed Luna with just enough of a seat rise to provide hip comfort and proper spinal alignment, with many options to adjust yourself during your practice when your legs get antsy.

The two separate short and long handles give you options to carrying it in just your hand or over your shoulder when carrying to a yoga class, meditation center, or on a retreat.

We’re launching Luna with the colors cloud, natural, and sky blue, all showcasing our signature Ethel Studio piecework of varying fabric scrap shapes sewn together. There’s subtle variation of monochromatic shades and fabric geometry within each cushion - no two cushions are ever exactly the same.

The cushion cover can easily be zipped off and cleaned. The interior lining filled with buckwheat hulls can be opened up as well for either adjusting the filling to meet your level of comfort, or to be composted and replaced with a new batch of hulls.

We believe in creating tools that support your body, mind, and spirit, that also benefit the planet instead of harming it. It’s a choice we can make everyday: to come home to caring about the earth, about our own well-being, and about the well-being of those around us.

We hope the Luna Cushion will hold a special place in your home mindfulness space for years (and generations!) to come. Thank you for being on this journey with us here at Ethel Studio!

Words by Maggie Dimmick, founder of Ethel Studio