Meet our NEW Zero-Waste Meditation Mat

A woman with black curly hair sits cross legged smiling on a meditation cushion and zabuton on a wooden floor.

You asked, and we finally delivered. The zero-waste meditation mat is here! A new take on the traditional “zabuton” to pair with your meditation cushion (“zafu”), this meditation mat is rollable, portable, and comes in our gorgeous signature colors. Most zabutons out there are big, bulky, take up a ton of space in your home, and are cumbersome to haul into a closet (if you even have extra closet space). I’ve been working with this design for a while – I’ve gotten many emails and messages over the years asking for a zabuton, and I’ve had to keep saying “we’re working on it!” Thankfully, I found a new manufacturing partner in the Twin Cities suburbs with a wonderful leader, Amy, whose team really brought their smarts together to help me get the design just right. 

The Ethel Studio meditation mat is perfect for supporting a comfortable position for seated meditation. When using a meditation cushion along with the mat, it helps provide a soft yet supportive surface for your feet, ankles, legs, and knees to feel comfortable in a cross-legged position compared to if your legs were straight on the floor. 

You can choose a mat color that matches your meditation cushion or is a few shades off for some interest (think Cloud with Cloud or Cloud with Chambray for a bit of a difference). Contrasting colors can also amp up the vibrancy of your space too. Get creative! 

Like all of our designs, this mat design is made from pre-consumer textile waste rescued from local fashion and textile facilities. Each mat is made from a one-of-a-kind combination of geometry, shades, and textures as odd-shaped scraps are coming together to create a beautiful textile mosaic. For these, we’re using our biggest fabric scraps for this design, so expect some big color blocks or long seams that make up your unique mat. It’s upcycling and zero-waste at its finest. 

A woman kneels on the floor while rolling up a zabuton meditation mat

Magic happens when it’s time to roll it up, secure it with the organic cotton ties in two easy bows, and then use the carrying strap on your shoulder. You’re then ready to take your meditation practice on the road! Or just store the mat away in a corner or in a closet. The meditation mat is perfect for small and multi-use spaces and for taking with you on a trip or meditation retreat. It’s lightweight too! 


The meditation mat’s interior is filled with kapok fiber, a wonderfully fluffy and silky fiber which comes from the pods of the Ceiba tree. It has incredible properties like high buoyancy and mold and mildew resistance, in addition to helping maintain the mat’s fluffy shape so you don’t have to keep fluffing it up with each use. The exterior shell unzips, so you can easily wash just the cover whenever you need. And if you do need to access the kapok inside, the interior cotton cushion has another zipper along its side too. 

One thing we do need to warn you about though is that you’ll probably have some competition from any pets in your home. They love the softness and the good vibes you’ll be leaving on it and may assume the mat is for them. Fair warning! 

There is incredible power in taking action to support our connection with our own inner world. When we create space in our physical spaces, it may become easier to make space in our schedules for ourselves to meditate and self-connect, and then imagine the transformation that can occur from there…..  We hope this meditation mat helps support you on your journey and enliven your space for many many years to come.