How do the Luna Cushion and the Original Meditation Cushion Compare?

How do the Luna Cushion and the Original Meditation Cushion Compare?

We’re so excited to now be offering two different shapes of zero-waste floor pillows to you all! You can now choose between our new half-moon shaped Luna Cushion and our original round zafu-style meditation cushion that we’ve all known and loved for some time now. While the Original is still tried and true, our new Luna Cushion offers even more functionality and versatility in how you can use it. Let’s dive into the similarities and differences so you can choose which shape best suits you and your needs. (Or go for both!)

the luna half-moon meditation cushion and the original zafu zero-waste meditation cushion compared

Both cushion styles… 

  • Are zero-waste and made from pre-consumer textile waste rescued from local production facilities. 
  • Each has a unique combination of shapes, shades, and textures. Each is one-of-a-kind!
  • Come in fabulous, non-crunchy, often limited edition color options! 
  • Have a removable shell that you can unzip for easy cleaning and hand-washing.
  • Are filled with compostable, replaceable, and refillable buckwheat hulls
  • Create an intentional space for you to take time for yourself to meditate, do gentle yoga, or just sit, listen, and be with yourself. 
  • Support proper spinal alignment when sitting. Both are supportive yet malleable and moldable to your unique body shape. 
  • Made local, decentralized, micro-manufacturing facilities in the Twin Cities of Minnesota using ethical sustainably-minded materials and methods.
  • Well-crafted by hand with love, care, and intention!  
  • Can be sent back for repairs throughout its lifetime. Learn more here

The Luna Cushion….

  • Has a beautiful half-moon shape.
  • Can sit on and use in multiple ways, directions, and orientations. Perfect for seated meditation, restorative yoga postures, and so much more. The possibilities are endless! 
  • Has a long strap for carrying on your arm or shoulder, plus an additional small handle for closer carrying. 
  • Sits slightly taller than the Original, allowing for more support for those with tighter hips and knees. 
  • Larger overall length with corners of the half moon extending to 17” 
  • Limited selection of favorite colors (limited for now!)

The Original Meditation Cushion... 

  • Has a round traditional Japanese-inspired zafu design. 
  • Can sit on and use in multiple ways for seated meditation, restorative yoga, or just sitting on the floor as you please. 
  • Has pleated elements on the sides allowing for a smooth rounded shape. 
  • Has one side strap for easy carrying. 
  • Sits slightly lower to the ground than the Luna. 
  • Large color selection including naturally-dyed colors.

Both designs are near and dear to our hearts, and help us achieve our mission of reducing textile waste, all while benefiting your own personal inner journey. It is an honor for us to have our beloved designs as a part of your home and your practice! 

How can learn more about the origins of the Luna Cushion here!